Munster Koach

Built by: Mike Siriann in Burbank, Illinois

The Musters Koach is my all time favorite Show Rod. When they rolled it onto the set in the 60s, I was Awestruck. I just had to build the model and the Drag-u-la too. Then I made a Graveyard Diorama for them. Until today this Car fascinates me, that's why when they reissued it a few years back, I just had to have it. That's one of the reasons I started building again.

This one molded in Gray is sprayed in Testors Black Enamel with a flat red interior. Miscellaneous other Testors paints were also used to detail this project.

Right now this model sits in a cabinet with the "Head of Frankenstein", that I painted many years ago.

I am currently working on my own rendition of a supped up Limo, for one of my Group projects. Its going to be Santa's Koach, if everything goes well. Can you guess what color its going to be?

This is truly an Honor to have the first built Munsters Koach in Dave's Guest Rally.





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