'58 Thunderbird

Built by: Mike Siriann in Burbank, Illinois

This 58 "Bubble Top" T-Bird was a "NEAT" custom, to build. Although it reminds me of some kind of Retro Bat-Mobile, it was my intention to duplicate the Box Art the best that I could.

When I finished it, I immediately went to the store to get another one so I could build it the stock version. It's still sitting on my shelf, I just didn't want to lose out on such a Beautiful Car.

Sprayed in Plum Crazy over a Flat White primer gives it the exact color I was shooting for. I built this a while back so I don't remember all the particulars about the build itself. I do remember having some trouble getting all the movable parts to fit properly, but once they did I never had any problems opening and closing the doors, hood and even the roof.

Once built, this model is nice and heavy and is not that delicate to move around. I would encourage everyone to get one, I'm sure you'll love it.

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