Moving Violation

Built by: Paul Canney - Sharon Center, Ohio


Probably one of the more controversial titles listed in the master list of 275, I wanted to build this just to see what Dave was thinking when he dropped it into the master list.

The Revell Willys has been released numerous times and it's understandable why. It's a staple in the model world, and is typically touted as a 1/4 mile gasser.

So as I built this, I envisioned that I was building a retired gasser for the show circuit. The kit I had was from ebay and is the 1997 re-release. The kit was missing many key small parts, which necessitated scratch building a lot of the front axle assembly from spare parts and aluminum rod. The other Revell gassers I've built all have a serious toe out problem, so the aluminum rod actually worked out, but the trade off was the wheels are statically positioned.

The paint is Cobra Colors lacquer I had kicking around.. some turquoise mix. The MRC Cragars were matched to the kits two piece vinyl slicks that have appeared in 100's of Revell kits. I didn't use the kit's Ford engine. I instead went with a parts box 409 with parts donated from the newer Revell Willys coupe.

So, all dollied up without the AWEFUL kit decals, a classic set of wheels, classic blue dots and a couple of squits of metallic shiney, I think this accuratly represents a 1941 Willys that would tour the show rod circuit. .

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