Bugs Buggy

Built by: Paul Canney - Sharon Center, Ohio

Bugs Buggy

This IMC kit was quite a surprise to me when I first built it. I really didn't know at the time that there was an actual full size show rod in the early 70's that this was modelled after.

In researching the real BB, I've come across many different claims. Harry Bradley, Chuck Miller, I can't say who did what, but it's a cool dune buggy nonetheless.

My decals were dried up and cracked beyond use, so I just had a little airbrush party with purple metallic and pink.

The seats were cut from wood and glued in place onto scratch built seat frames. No problem if it rains while it's parked at the beach. I don't know how surf worthy the nose down surf board would be, but it serves as shade when cruising.

The headers were scratched out of aluminum stock and solder, as well as the roll bar, as my ebay kit's were missing.

Not that there's any room for more than a small cooler and a lunch box, the rear of the cabin is carpeted in brown and white velour.

Hopefully, on the success of the Meyer's Manx recently re-released, that will urge Lindberg to find the old IMC molds for this along with the old IMC Surf Buggy.

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