Moonscope V2 (Moonscope kitbash #2)

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

I built the MS-2 for a Car Model Magazine article featured in the August 1972 issue. These are new photos of the original model. MS-2 represents a pollution free alternative form of transportation for off road needs.

The MS-2 would be great for on road with a change of tires. The MS-2 is a perfect little workhorse on the ranch, farm, construction site or back woods needs. The MS-2 is based on the original AMT Moonscope kit. A new reproduction of the MS-2 could be built using the 2002 release of the AMT Moonscope.

The original MS-2 article was 6 pages long, here's a short outline of the construction steps.

The MS-2 conversion was built backwards, the Moonscope rear will be the front of the new MS-2. The front of the Moonscope body was removed to create the new tailgate and rear of the MS-2.

The rear Moonscope roof section was cut down to make a windshield frame and the excess was used to form the rear roof and side section of the MS-2 drivers compartment.

Only two of the three sets of wheels in the original Moonscope kit were used. Sheet plastic was used the make the pick up bed, rear section and roof section. The frame was shortened and the axles were narrowed.

The interior was shortened and installed backwards. Windows were cut from clear sheet plastic.

The MS-1 was painted with Testor's Gloss Yellow and the graphics were hand drawn decals.

The interior was done with flat black with black, yellow and silver for the seats. Testor's Glosscoat was applied over the decals.

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