(Moonscope kitbash #4)

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

I built the MS-4 / MOONCUBE for a Car Model Magazine article featured in the March 1973 issue. These are new photos of the original model.

MS-4 is a show trike that could represent a pollution free alternative form of transportation for around town transportation. The MS-4 is based on the original AMT Moonscope kit, with Richard Carroll Tires, MPC Wedge Chopper front end parts and a lot of sheet plastic.

A reproduction of the Mooncube could be made with the new 2002 AMT release of the Moonscope and forks and front wheel from the Monogram Cherry Bomb Chopper.

The original MS-4 article was 4 pages long, here's a short outline of the construction steps. The MS-4 body and interior were made from sheet plastic using templates from the article. The collar/neck piece from the Wedge chopper kit was attached to the body to mount the front forks.

A rear Moonscope axle was narrowed to fit the MS-4 body. To give the MS-4 a stretched look, two forks from the Wedge Chopper kit were fit together to create the new long forks.

The carpeted interior was done with Testors putty applied roughly to create texture.

The MS-1 was painted with Testor's Gloss White with light blue graphics decals Testor's Glosscoat was applied over the decals.

The interior was done with flat light blue. The rear tires are Richard Carroll aftermarket items with wire wheel inserts from the IMC Cougar II.

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