Meyer's Manx

Built by: Bob Spedding, Tampa FL. USA

I grew up in So . California in the 60's and saw the dune buggy explosion first hand . Finally , in 1970 when I was 15 years old , my Dad bought a kit and I helped him build it. When AMT released the model I must have built a dozen of them !

I built this Meyers Manx with the recently reissued kit to cruise the drive-ins instead of for off roading . It has a fully detailed interior and engine , and wide whites on Corvette tires . The soft top was scratch built using .015 sheet styrene , and is actually 5 seperate pieces glued together with a clear mylar rear window .

The seats are from the Gypsy Dune Buggy kit and the rear cushions are made from half round styrene rod and sheet styrene . The interior also has scratch built guages and a CB radio . The engine details include wiring , an oil dipstick , and a fan belt shield.

The paint is Krylon Orange Glitter Blast over a base of Pumpkin Orange . It was wet sanded and the recieved two coats of clear.


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