Chopper's Block

Built by: Robert Fletcher

My friend, Patrick Shannon, gave me this kit a few months ago as he was never going to build it and knew I love strange kits.

It is built box stock. For a 40+ year old kit the plastic, chrome, wood and fabric were all in great shape.

But plastic and wood do not really go together peacefully! This kit requires a whole lot of patience and everything has to be straight and square. None of the locator pins lined up to each other on the plastic parts of the engine. The hardest assembly was the rear end which was almost impossible to attach to the wood body. You can not glue it together first like the instructions show as none of the parts will line up with the body if you do.

I can’t believe how ugly the instrument pod and headlight are just stuck on top of the front fender. And how do the handlebars steer the front wheel? Maybe it is hub steering. The chrome speaker headrests are kind of goofy also. There is no tail light.

I matched the wheel color to the gold color on the fabric top as I also tried to tie in the engine, rear end and instrument pod to the blue on the fabric.

Craft Master, General Mills and MPC. What a combo.

It wasn’t an easy build but I am pleased with the results.

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