Li'l Big Gasser (kitbash on D. Marek's design)

Built by: Steve Hammann in Carlinville, Illinois

When Dave Marek's drawings were posted, my eyeballs fell out. I knew I had to do something he drew and was reasonably sure it would be the Big Gasser. After talking to William Jenkins who had said he had already started on one I decided to go in a different direction of the theme.

First let me say that the Hemi Semi was my least favorite Tom Daniel kit. Not that it wasn't cool for its day but just because I was never into trucks. But that cheap plastic bug got me again when I found this one opened and missing the windows.

The tanker of my Li'l Big Gasser was done by shaving the top off of the cargo box and forming sheet styrene over the top. The engine was donated by a 1/32 Funny Car. The intake which is what caught my eye in Dave Marek's drawing was formed from 3/16 plastic tubing.

The oil company decal was done on my PC. Paint is Testors Red with an overcoat of Model Masters Clear Pearl and Testors High Gloss Clear. The first one to figure out the company logo and respond in the Coffin Corner gets a life time supply of used motor oil!

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