Li'l Bad Medicine

Built by: Steve Hammann in Carlinville, Illinois

The Li'l Bad Medicine is the 1st in a line of 6 Phantom "Li'l kits" that I'll be submitting to the Gallery hopefully all this year. Bill Frauhiger did some artist's conceptual drawings a few years back of some of Tom Daniel's great kits called Snap Dreams and when I saw them I got a bug to scratch build them for real especially after I did Dave Marek's Big Gasser as a Li'l basher.

I started with a re-release of TD's Roarin' Rail and added the left over top from my Pie Boat project and some scratch built rear fenders. After smoothing it all out I painted it Testors 1631 Purple Metal Flake.

The skeleton is a cutup and rearranged set of bones from the latest Boot Hill Express release painted a frost white over the orange plastic which gives it a slight glow. With that being done I detailed the engine and added scratch built magneto, headers, fuel injection with braided lines, scoop, fuel pump, front body panels, cow skeleton head, steering wheel, and scythe.

Instead of trying to carve out a hole for the fuel tank I just ground it down to the curve of the body and glued it on with a fitting glued to the underneath side of the body for the braided fuel line to attach.

Next stop on this fantasy? Li'l S'cool Bus !



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