Hot Rod Lincoln III (kitbash)

Built by: Rudd Ruana, Carson City, Nevada

The song "Hot Rod Lincoln" written by Charlie Ryan, has been around since 1955.  It’s difficult to imagine a motor head who doesn't’t enjoy it.

editor's note: click here to learn about this song and the the song that predates it called "Hot Rod Race".

In 1989 Revell announced they were releasing a new kit called the "Hot Rod Lincoln".  I was doubtful this would be of the vintage hot rod described in the song.  I was then personally hoping it might be a new show rod model.  Unfortunately (for me) in 1990, when the kit hit the shelves, the subject was a Lincoln LSC Pro Street machine.

Time marches on for about 13 years.  In the closet was a Li'l Coffin kit that lost its engine, wheels and tires to a Monogram '32 Ford roadster.  The styling of the "Coffin's”" cantilevered roof is timeless and had to be incorporated in a kit-bash custom.  Also on hand was a Tom Daniel Ice 'T' kit with a modern-looking front end.  With some trial and error fitting, it became apparent the two bodies could be spliced together.  While considering a copper paint job and white interior, the memory of building a "Hot Rod Lincoln" show car came to mind.

Now that my project had a theme, it was off to my styrene wrecking yard.  An Ala Kart provided the front fenders and taillights.  Rear fenders are from the Monogram '32 Cadillac.  The experimental DOHC hemi engine, 4 link suspension, tubs and tires are from the AMT Super Bee Pro Street kit.  The seat is the rear bench from Monogram's Warbird Firebird.  Wire wheels and Lincoln greyhound hood ornament from the earlier mentioned '32 ford roadster top off the model.

          So......."Now you know

                         how the song got me thinkin'

                         'bout buildin' a model

                          of that Hot… Rod…Lincoln"

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