Diablo Delivery (kitbash)

Built by: Jeff Miller, Chino Hills, California

This deceptively simple looking devil wagon was inspired by Steve Hammann's Uncertain Delivery. As I gazed repeatedly at his creation, slowly the madness surfaced inside me & this was the vision I saw.

It starts as Steve's did with Tom Daniel's Bad Medicine that was cut & wedged to size. The nose of Tom's Ice T found it's way up front & modified Beer Wagon front fenders were installed. The hood is from Boyd's Alumacoupe & the running boards are scratch built.

Reshaping the roof into a pitch fork design hides the unfortunate soul as he burns to the bone. The coffin seat was traded for  " The Sizzler " dragster rear sheet metal & with a little imagination, it makes a grand throne for the prince of darkness.

Finally, let's not forget those Slippery Arts decals & Dan Warford's wonderful art work which speaks for itself. His work sits proudly on top of HOK custom mixed magenta pearl with an HOK urethane clear coat. Just remember guys & gals, the devil made me do it!

ps. special thanks to Michael Macasieb for taking these photos!


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