Hippie Hemi

Built by: Paul Canney
- Sharon Center, Ohio

This is certainly one of the strangest models I've completed in quite a while. Inside this cocoon body is basically the Don Garlits Wynn’s Jammer dragster that's been around a very, very long time. It was also reissued as the Dewey, Beetum & Howe dragster put out under the Stevens branding.

Now there's nothing really wrong with slapping a modern body onto this frame. But the Garlits kit needs to be cleaned up. At least the four I built this one from.

The chrome tree (runner) on all four of mine had major 'bleeding' and needed a lot of cleanup, which was tough to do on things like the six piece bell housing (!) I finally gave in and used super glue on most of the chrome parts.

I know from previously building a few funny cars using super glue on much of the chrome, that the fumes from the glue eat away at the chrome over time! I swear this is true. Anyway, the front end & engine were all clear coated after assembly to keep the shelf damage to a minimum.

My kit impression is the body is funky cool! The white wall slicks are from the recent AMT M&H 8 pack selection.

Build note: I glued the top & bottom parts together at the front before paint. I think if I assemble another it will be gluing the top & bottom at the rear before paint

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