Cougar II

Built by:Jim Garubba

Back in ’65, my parents took us to the New York World’s Fair. Many awesome concept cars were on display, including the one-of-a-kind Cougar II, and the famous Chrysler Turbine (which I think we won a ride in – but I was only 7, so, what do I know). However, it was the Cougar II I remember making it onto my older brother’s model shelf. It may have been the sleek styling, or the fact that it was molded in color, thus avoiding a nail polish paint job. Either way, it made its impression on my juvenile modelling mind, so I guess I needed to have one on my shelf, as well, albeit nearly a half century later.

This one was built using the Testors release from 1976. The body, though molded in color, got a light coat of metallic red to even it out, and some minor paint highlights elsewhere.

Equipped with working steering and opening doors, hood and tire compartment, as well as… yep… working door windows. What a concept!

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