Gran Turismo

Built by: Dave Armstrong

This is a boxstock build of the '98 reissue. I had never seen one of these built, so I figured I'd build one. The box art is pretty cool, and leads one to believe it's longer and sleeker than it is, like some foreign sportscar.

What it is, is a kind of kit car body on a Volkswagen chassis, like a dune buggy. Still a neat little car. Option of two engines, a Corvair or VW, I built the Corvair.

The body is multipiece, to be built around the chassis and interior; but I saw that it would leave a lot of seams, which I don't like. I built the body in one piece, filled and sanded the seams for a nice flowing paint job.

I inserted the interior front and back panels into the finished body, then assembled the chassis and seats into the body from the bottom- worked out great. Paint is GTS Blue Pearl with Wet Look Clear.


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