Futurian (scale scratch-build of real 1:1 show rod)

Built by: Mike D. Scott in Northfiled, Minnesota

Mark Moriarity is the designer and builder of the real 1:1 Futurian show car. This Roth-tribute show rod has been making the show circuit since 2005.

I'm Michael D. Scott of Minnesota (not the West Allis, Wisconsin Mike L. Scott--ed.) and I scratch-built a replica of the Futurian show car. In making this model, I was able to measure Mark Moriarity's real 1:1 car and took many photos before starting my project. (Thank you Mark!)

The body of the car is hand-carved using a technique I came up with myself. I started with the Beatnik Bandit body that is similar in size and started layering bondo--then shaped it from there. I was really pleased with this technique.

I painted the body pearl white and gold. I designed and printed the decals using my own technique as well. It's a combination using both an Alps dye-sub and an HP printer.

The interior is also hand carved and using various model kit parts. I machined solid aluminum for the steering column and I also machined the rear tail lights and the front grill bar. The front head lights are from railroad train lights. The wheels and tires are out of various model kits. The engine is a Buick nail head.

This build was very challenging and rewarding when I completed it. I built the model for Mark himself and now it resides at his home! I hope that one day I will have built another one for myself. As an additional gift to Mark, I designed a model box for the Futurian including a picture of himself on the side of the box in the period-correct Revell style--what fun!

(Photos below include shot of the real 1:1 Futurian at a custom car show--ed.)

Click on image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click on image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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