Builder: Bob Schaffer

This AMT digger cuda was built before the recent re-issues came out. It came from a local toy show and was about the worst brush-painted glue bomb you could imagine. The only thing I used from it was the body and headers.

The two-piece body was converted to a "regular" funny car style to eliminate warp and to avoid cutting the decals in two.

The body was painted Suzuki motorcycle pearl white with reproduction decals added and cleared over with automotive two part clear.

The decals have no white backing ,so they are technically candy colors over pearl ,and really glow. The (same) frame from the ‘’two much’’ dragster was used, and a lot of filing and sanding was done to the frames "D" shaped tubing to make it round.

The engine has basic wiring and fuel lines. The original trashed windshield was replaced with a blue tinted one from a re-issue a couple years later when they became available.


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