Beetle Bus

Patrick Wickham, Buckingham Bucks, UK.

I bought this kit from money given to me for Christmas 2020.

As we don’t see many ‘Cartoon’ kits here in the UK, I snapped it up at a reasonable price off ebay UK.

I built the chassis/interior,painted the engine block red, along with the steering, and console, just highlighting the dials with a fine Molotow chrome pen.

Seeing a 1/24th 3D VW roof rack on the Shapeways site, I bought to fit on this kit. As the rack was to go on the roof I used spare pieces of plasticard and a little filler to close the square hole and shortened the intakes on the engine to help it breath.

To make it a road rather than drag car I sourced other wheels and tyres from the spares box and fitted those inline with the body.  I glued the two parts of the body together and used three different coloured spray cans at the same time.

After the paint dried for a couple of days, I looked out from my decal stash some ‘Flower Power’ decals and covered it all in two coats of gloss clear. Also sourcing Rat Fink decals for the Boogie Boards.

I initially built a template to make a shelf inside the rear window area with my scratchbuilt Boogie Boards (made with three laminated different coloured  plasticard offcuts) sticking out leaving the rear windscreen out all together. Thinking on I needed to load the roof rack as best I could with the Cola Cooler and a Freezer box for food. When we go shopping each week we buy a plastic pack of Nectarines (smooth Peaches) that has a red elasticated net on it. Perfect to stretch over a small roof rack!

The legs of the 3D rack are flexible so with a bit of careful tweaking it fits perfectly!

I’m now looking for another of these to do more radical work on!

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