Creepy T

Built by: Dean Groves in Fort Meyers, Florida

I built this Creepy T for Halloween.  I built it pretty much box stock except for the front light posts. For those I cut the bat in  half and attached the stock lights to them.

The paint is rattle-can Testers candy purple with spray glitter over it then clear gloss coat. Dave encouraged me to shoot the head glowing in the dark--after a few tries I got it right--nice and spooky! (see below.)

ed. note: Thanks Dean, that glow-in-the-dark stuff is so 60s, I remember playing with all kinds of "glow" stuff back then.--d.

It was a fun kit to build and I thought it would be appropriate for this time of year--have a Creepy T Halloween!

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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