Builder: Mark A Hubbard

From the time I started building models in the mid 70s, I have always had an interest in Show Rods in scale. Over the last 10+ years, I've tried to build at least one a year.

Back in the early 90s, I picked up a box of model parts from an estate auction, which included parts of the white '75 re-issue for the Cinderbug, but not enough to rebuild it.

Despite this, the thought lingered about how I would like to build the Cinderbug some day. A couple years ago, I saw an original 1969 boxed/complete version, and bought it thinking I would add it to the stash for future use. When I received the kit though, my desire to build it right away kicked in, and it up to the head of the line.

I really like the looks of this one, and it's viability to actually drive it when compared to some other show rods. I am also a huge hot rod fan, and felt like I could make some improvements right away without having to re-work too much.

I fabricated new coil over shocks for the rear for example, and ground away the molded in water hose from the left side of the Frontenac motor, and scratch built a shaft driven water pump and magneto on the passenger side.

The rear frame had to be modified to get the suspension lowered a bit as well to correct the stance.

Nearly all of the chrome needed to be reshot as there were way to many mold lines, pin marks, and misalignments that needed to be corrected. I also cut away the molded in fire hose on the top and replaced it with Tamiya braided hose. 

Moving on to what was added, I used parts box wheels, brake calipers, gas/brake pedal, and AMT Parts Pack tires.

Pretty much everything else was right from the kit. I decanted Testor's Candy Hot Rod Red and applied with an airbrush over Scalefinishes gold base. The paint did give me fits, and what you see here is the third paint job, and there are still some issues, but I just did not have it in me to strip and paint a fourth time.

The decals were too old and brittle to use, so I scanned them and had some of them re-printed onto decal film. I opted not to use most of them, as I felt they detracted a bit too much from the overall look, and will likely use some to simply make a "show" stand that will be displayed next to the model with the fire helmet that came with the kit.

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