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I'm a big station wagon fan and always liked the concept of theAlternomad but felt it needed a little tweaking especially the tall windshield and high roofline , it just looked wrong being high in the front and sloping down toward the rear .  So the idea of myAlternomad II was born!  

To start my remake I chopped and shortened the roof , this allowed the windshield to be laid back and also the tailgate to be leaned forward more like a '57 Nomad . Next I cut the distinctive Nomad grooves in the roof by cutting that section out of the roof , cutting the groves , and gluing it all back together.

Finally I tweaked the front by tucking in that big ol' Impala bumper , opening the grille and adding some screen , and adding headlights from a Revell 2009 Charger . The side mirrors were taken from the Revell '86 Monte Carlo and the wheels & tires are Pegasus.

After all that was done I lost interest and put it aside for a few weeks . I was ready to pack it up when I decided to finish it and get it over with , so I glued the hood shut and made it a curbside!

The subtle two-tone paint was achieved by spraying DuplicolorChili Pepper Red over base coats of flat black and white , then cleared with Rustoleum Automotive Enamel. 

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