Black Beard’s Tub

Built by: Jim Garubba (plastimatic) Fairfax, VA USA

Aurora put out multiple versions of their kits over the years, some starting as a popular hot rod version, then a wild ride version, followed several years later by a beefy tired street rod version. This one started out in 1965 as the Road Raider (29 Touring rod) before becoming Black Beard's Tub in 1969.

I bought this kit as a kid, and the complete surfer diorama (with Lorelei and Jolly Roger) and the funky pirate themed add-ons like the anchor, nautical steering wheel, and propeller, just must have struck a chord in my eleven-year-old mind. Back then, I think I built it unpainted (it’s molded in deep gold). I’d hoped to do it more justice this time around.

Roger and Lorelei received healthy, glowing tans (ah, youth) and pearl finishes for the their outfits. Several coats of sandy overspray were used for the dune, and drybrushing for the palm.


Paint is Gold Rush, under clear lacquer. The hubcaps are from the Futura, sanded thin to fit into the tires. Since the originals were shot, I updated the decals. The license plate reads "PCS 08". The skull n' crossbones on the roof (painted to look like textured vinyl) came from the Killer Bee set.

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