Garbage Truck


Built by:  Jeff Miller    Chino Hills, CA  

As a long time TD fan like many of you, I enjoy taking those fun designs & adjusting them to create a new idea. My garbage truck is no exception, as I wanted to build it with less garbage & more truck & still keep the fun theme. This would not be so easy as this is a kit that many like " as is " so to stray too far away from the original fun theme would loose all purpose.
Starting with just the cab & having filled in the hood, I stitched on a shorty Revell Chevy pick up bed. These mods will give the truck more of a street look. Then the stock Chevy fenders received frenched tail lights & a 1953 Ford F-100 rear fender via AMT, a smooth scratch built tail gate & fuel tank complete the picture. A Tamiya Lotus kit provided the new mirrors ( sorry surfers ) & side skirts on the scratch built running boards.
Soon it was time to apply a crazy yellow & purple lacquer paint scheme with my airbrush. The stock interior was fitted with a skulls head to help keep it fun or at least gothic.

 The wood out back is real & from Ken's , you know, the guy who makes fuzzy fur..! 

Finally, this hauler was updated with Plymouth Prowler wheels & tires.

 Hope you enjoy..!

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