Bad Spad

Built by: Dave Van

Bad Spad came about after I was thinking about a US version of the TD Red Baron kit. 

I started with a T bucket but never came up with anything that looked right. Then I saw a Hot Wheels car that was a road going WW I airplane. That got me thinking about a plane/car type vehicle to complete with the Red Baron. I started looking for a WW I plane kit to start with. I found a mint 1950's era Revell kit of Rickenbackerís Spad. ( plane guys donít look!!) If Rickenbacker lived today it would be like Jeff Gordon, Top Gunís Maverick, Indyís Tony George and Mel Gibson all rolled into one person. He was the super star of his time and one of the most famous US fighter pilots ever. 

The kit was 1/ 28 scale, just about right for a 1/ 24 scale showrod! I used the fuselage, tale and lower front wing from the Spad. 

I robbed a front axle, rear axle, suspension and drive shaft from a Revell 66 Chevy. Wheels and tires are ARII ĎStarí wheels with BFG big and littles. An AMT Studebaker kit gave up its engine with double blowers, racing seat and steering wheel. I assembled the fuselage as per the instructions but made engine mounts for the Studieís Hemi and a custom grille in place of the kits mesh engine cover.

 The front lower wing was cut to make small Ďfendersí for lack of a better term. They also serve as steps into the cockpit. The Spadís landing gear was glued back to back to make the mounts for the Chevyís rear axle. Guy wires were added to replicate the guy wires that ran all over the WW I Spad. The Spadís dual side exhaust was lengthened with the side pipes from the Revell Chevy kit. 

A Revell Pie Wagon gave up itís headlights for the Spad and the spots were made into tail lights. Capín Eddieís Spad was a olive green so I decided to paint the ĎBad Spadí green too. The planes body was primed with Tamiya gold leaf. After dry it was given a number of coats of Tamiya Candy Lime Green. The gold primer lets the green change shades in different lighting. 

The Spadís windshield and guns were added to complete the Ďcarí. I have a few small details to finish and may think of some custom decals to add. I also have a 1/ 28 scale Fokker so next year you may see a red plane to compete with the ĎBad Spadí!!   

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