Uncertain Delivery

Built by: Steve Hammann / Carlinville, IL.

I have wanted to do another Uncertain style car ever since I did the Uncertain Paddy Wagon. The main donor kit for this bash I call the Uncertain Delivery was a Bad Medicine. 

I removed the front end and reshaped the main body section to give it more tilt and scratch built a new frame to accept a parts box sprung and dropped tube front axle, then used the kitís rear axle. 

The motor is from the Bad Medicine. The grill, seat and inverted steering wheel are Pie Wagon pieces, and the gearshift is from a Boot Hill Express. The radius rods, drag link, tie rod, and headlights are from the parts box. Wheels are from two cheap Maisto die cast motorcycles with parts box dog dish hubcaps for dust covers.  

Paint is a color mixing experiment gone wrong Puke Green with a light misting of Green Metal flake and the roof is covered with 2 inch masking tape colored with a Black permanent marker to simulate a vinyl top. All decals were designed and printed on my PC with clear mailing labels.



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