Tijuana Sandrail

Built by: Bob Schaffer 
Well, where did you think all that "gringos pay double" money went? Seriously, this project began when I found a little body at a swap meet that resembled a tj taxi, turns out it is/was an Aurora 1/32 "drop out bus". 

After moving a few windows, and tucking the back under a bit, I mated it at the cowl with a stinger dragster and painted it candy orange over gold flake. Decals are Dan's finest, along with a Slixx set for a 70's funny car, and a few others from the scrap box. The frame is the Stingers, with a buggy spring /quick change combo from an Ice T, and a home made uni-spring front. Neither front or rear has shocks for that super-rickety effect. Rear tires come from the Li'l van . Wheels are Stinger

I left the hemi because the plug wires looked cool in the doors of the taxi, but what's a show rod without a crazy induction system? twin blowers mounted pizza wagon or bathtub style on a scratch built manifold are fed by pipes that lead to a pair of Holley's with velocity stacks. 

In the "coop scoop", headers are TJ Taxi style zoomies, made from hollow aluminum fuel injection stacks, white for that period look.

Fenders are double wide, made completely from castings and flocked pink. Cow horns are stretched sprue. Chicken coop from thin veneer wood. A wing replaced the roof seat, and chutes replaced the rear mounted trunk. Roof railings are made from wire beads, and other jewelry parts.

The driver was given harnesses, an old metal flake helmet, breathers, and a cut down windshield. and of course a sombrero.

Thanks to Brandon for the "Rommel's Rail" which inspired this bash.


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