Built by: Pontiac Jack, down under 

I started with a glue bombed Baja Bandito, that was part of a built lot I found on EBay. I wanted to restore it, but it was too far gone. The "glass" and side doors had been so heavily glued, that the roof was completely buckled.

I managed to save the windscreen and back windows, wheels, tyres and some of the chrome body trim, but everything else was trashed.

So out came the xacto saw, and off it came! I sliced it just behind the side windows. I kept the rear section of the roof with the back window intact, trimmed it up and re-glued it to the front portion. INSTANT UTE !

I replaced the headlights and shortened the front nerf bar, I added quad exhaust outlets to the rear pan. The bed cover is made from sheet plastic and covered in masking tape for a leather look. The interior has been coated in gray, green and purple flocking. The steering wheel was cut down and a new shifter was added. Then I channeled the completed body over the chassis to give it some rake.

I drowned the whole thing in "refrigerator white" then used about 5 meters of masking tape and some hole stencils and applied various size circles in six different colours. When the masking tape came off I had a wild panel paint design.

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