roarin' rail


Built by: Dave Young / Junction City, KS

Man, I love front engine dragsters. After I saw Dave McGowan's killer effort on one of the reissues, I trotted right down to the local hobby shop and grabbed one up for myself!

I prepped and sent the front axle assembly, blower scoop, valve covers and rear wheels off to have chromed. I wanted a 60's look, so I decided to shoot some good 'ol metalflake on the body and cover it in candy red. I shot a base of Plasticote grey primer, a silver metallic base of Plastikote "whatever", Pactra RC silver flake, and then testors candy red to the right hue. After that, lots of clear was shot to level that flake up, and then polished out.

Hey, at this point it needed some redline slicks! Using my old drafting ellipse template, I was able to mask off the slicks and paint some stripes. The engine got wired with residential telephone wire, painted yellow. It's been called to my attention that I have plug wires 2 and 4 switched, but the jury is still out on that one!

Those front wheels are up and spinnin', so I made my own transparent "wire wheels" to simulate them spinning like crazy.

Lastly, the driver got the "Easy Rider", or "Captain America" helmet. I'm easily amused, this was one of the things on the model that tickled me the most! 

Fun kit! Build one if you get the chance!

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