Beer Wagon


Built by: Dave Young / Junction City, KS

Mmmm....BEER!  One of my favorite foods!
I built this Beer Wagon kit way back in 1992.  I smoothed out that factory molded yellow plastic, and
shot a few coats of Turn Signal Amber metallic over the yellow to give it a "Pilsner Pearl".  Hard to capture in the pics!
I detailed the radiator, the back wall of the "personal keg" between the seats, and the placards on the stake bed
with gold BMF, and used chrome BMF for the hood hinges, and straps on the rear kegs.  I also cut out a proper sized
piece of chrome BMF to go down as a base for the Mack emblem on the nose, it really made it stand out!
A couple other little tidbits, I added chrome header collectors, and yellow lenses on the headlights.  And, that's
my best attempt at the time to custom paint a vanity plate, "Pilsner".
Sit back, have a cold brew and enjoy!

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