Artful Dodger

Built by: Rob Riley / Indianapolis, In.

This is a Tom Daniel designed 1:32 snap tite dodge charger funny car...formerly known as "The Fiend". I got this one from Charlie Eshenbaugh, and it was 98% complete, and had not been painted. The first thing i did was disassemble it and scub all the dust off with soap, water and a tooth brush. I filled in the holes on the rear fenders, because those darn little wings were missing on this one too (i've built 3 of these little funny cars, and the wings were missing from all 3...where do they go ?) I sprayed the chassis, rear end cover, valve covers, blower and wheels with gold, and then clear coated them with laquer. I sprayed the engine block, rearend, roll bar, steering wheel rim and body with competition orange, and also clear coated them with laquer. I painted the 4 hole injector silver, and the intake manifold, oil pan, front engine cover, headers, and fuel tanks steel. I detailed the front bumper rear bumper, and window trim with silver. Once the body was dry, i decided to spray a coat of clear pearl laquer over the competition does it look cool. It changes to almost a pink color in the right light. I followed up with a coat of clear gloss laquer. I painted the tail lights a deep marron color, and the grill inserts flat black. Now for a name....once again, dkal Dan to the rescue. I took the name from an old drag car that a former boss of mine ran back in the mid 80's. I designed the flow of the decal, and Dan did the rest. the decal color is lime gold, and they are just outstanding. The lime gold decals go really good with the gold chassis and wheels, and they contrast nicely against the orange pearl paint. I used the original 2 peice plastic slicks on this one, and i sanded them down.

I would really like to see this style of snap tite funny car issued again...i am not much into the new body styles of funny cars...they all seem to look the same. The old chassis design is just a work of art...simple but effective. And back in the day,these old style funnies were a blast to watch at the strip. It took alot of driver finesse to get them hooked up, and down the strip in a straight line....ahhh, the good old days.

I have to thank Charile Eshenbaugh for the charger funny car, and Dkal Dan for the grrrreat decals.



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