Garbage Truck

Built by: Pontiac Jack, down under 

This one started as another glue bomb. For a change, it was in pretty good shape when it arrived. It had been put together neatly, but was badly (brush) painted. A few smaller parts were missing such as the injector scoop rear view mirrors and roof mounted horns. All these pieces were replaced with bits from the parts box. The rest of the kit is build box stock.

I wanted a stand out paint job but nothing to complex. So I painted the cab with Dupli-colour orange then used craft shop spray on glitter to add chunky metal flake. 10 clear coats were applied to smooth everything out.

The garbage compactor was sprayed with stainless steel metallizer, then buffed. One of the sets of diving tanks has been changed into a pair of NOS bottles, just to give things a kick in the guts! I removed the centre rib from the original surf boards and painted them white, followed by fluoro orange, yellow and green fade jobs. The decals came from various sheets.

The interior is finished in silver and orange checks and the chassis has been paint detailed.

The muso's were missing from the garbage compactor so I have thrown a Stingray bike in the back.

The only other detailing I added is fuel lines to the injectors.

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