Built by: Kim Sondergaard , Denmark

This Stinger was bought as an unbuilt kit from Ebay. Its built straight from the box. 

Considering the colors of the decals, I thought a bronze metallic would look good, so I shot it with a Motip spray bomb, added the decals, and covered it all with Motip clear coat. 

Leaving out the rear spoiler, I put the Stinger decal on the turtle deck. The driver figure was painted using several Humbrol colors, mostly acrylic. The goggle glasses was first painted matt white, and then I added a little clear blue, not covering just tinting the glasses. The chutes were painted silver metallic, and then tainted with clear blue, just to get a different finish than the normal silver color. 

The engine was wired with wire wrapping, and the chutes were “wired” with rolled up tissue paper, covered in white glue, and painted flat black..

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