Built by: George Vretta in Sebring, Florida

I had a S'cool Bus as a kid and always wanted another.

Back in the eights I found one at Toledo and it had the correct kids in the windows so I laid out my $125.00 and bought it. I sat on that kit until this year because I could never figure out how to paint those window frames black. I finally had an epiphany this year regarding those window frames. I got a super fine black Sharpie marker and it was able to out line all the windows nice and straight from there I was able to paint inside the lines and every window and door was nicely outlined. 

I like to build my models so they copy the box art as much as possible. The model itself was a straight foward build with the addition of plug wires and drag chute ends.. I use five minute epoxy to build and it is quick and gives a nice tight hold. The body is the original yellow 1st issue and all it needed was a coat of clear to look right. I built the model only using spray can paint. 

All the black stripes and the front end were hand painted as were the engines. I set the rear tires out about an 1/8" to give them a fatter look. It has a nice finished look and looks good doing a wheelie.

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