Roarin Rail

Built by: Rob Riley / Indianapolis, In.

The T.D. roarin rail...what's not to love about this fuel guzzlin', twisted, fire breathin' snapper kit ?

I masked off the body portion, and sprayed the chassis with silver paint. Then i un-masked the body, applied some flame decals, and sprayed the whole thing with clear pearl lacquer. The body color is the molded yellow paint. I sprayed the engine block intake manifold and heads bright yellow to match the body color. 

I drilled out the ends of the headers and painted them steel, and I painted inside the tubes where I drilled them out bright red. I sprayed the blower and, valve covers with aluminum, and they almost look chrome. I left off the big engine scoop, and replaced it with a chrome 2 hole injector. 

The stacks I added are real stainless steel, and thet are air line inserts for a 1:1 semi truck. I drilled 2 holes in the injector, and ran 2 fuel lines down behind the engine. I also drilled a hole in the fuel tank, and ran 1 fuel line to the back of the engine where there is an imaginary fuel log and fuel pump, that runs the 2 fuel lines back up to the injector. I drilled out the valve covers and the magneto, and I added spark plug wires. 

The fuel lines and spark plug wires are made from craft wire. I left the hard wire inside the insulation for the fuel lines, but I pulled it out for the plug wires (so they would not be so stiff). I sprayed the front axle, air foil, fuel tank, front wheels, rear wheels, push bar, and the roll bar with aluminum. I painted the spokes on the rear mags gold, and clear coated them. I sanded down the rear slicks with some 400 grit paper, so they look pretty worn from doing big smokey top fuel burnouts. 

I left the drivers helmet the molded yellow color, and shot a coat of the clear pearl lacquer over it. i painted the drivers face mask and fire suit with aluminum, and painted his goggle lenses and the steering wheel black. I made the parachute cord out of chrome elastic craft cord, and runs  under the body, and up inside it.

This is another one of those really simple kits, but it really comes to life when some details are added...i just love these snapper kits. It would look really cool if there was smoke boiling off the rear tires.


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