Cherry Bomb

Built by: Rodger Henley Beach South Australia

Here is my Cherry Bomb that I recently finished. This was a kit I thought I would never see for a long time but I got a sealed one from a swapmeet for $10au. Construction was straight forward with the only concern being what to do with the canopy with regard to painting. After a bit of thought I decided to build it in and mask when painting but moving it to sand the interior 1/3 of the support bar snapped off. Now it can slip in and out of the body but it still hinges so you can be lucky sometimes.

The colour I used was Hyundai Chianti Red Pearl straight from the can. I let it set for 2 weeks before putting the decals on then 4 coats of clear then polished.

One thing that had me intrigued was the 65 on the dash. After asking a few people who didn't know either I decided to ask the man himself and sent a email to Tom Daniel. He replied within 24 hours and told me that it was a digital Speedo and 65 was the national limit in the USA at the time.


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