Popper Chopper

Built by: Bill Martens, Florida 

I really enjoy having “Box Stock” for contests. It gives me a chance to build these kits as I remember them from my youth. Besides, Tom Daniel designed his Show rods to be Cool right outta the box..

Popper Chopper has always been special to me. As a boy, about 10 years old or so, we all had bicycles and rode them dust to dawn. Most the time we were pretending they were real motorcycles and yes, we used baseball cards in the spokes to make that motorcycle sound. About that time we were building models too so painting and customizing our bikes was a natural.. 

Well, mini bikes were the closest we could come to the real thing. We all hung around the kid that had one. I showed him my Popper Chopper model and he loved it. He wanted to build his mini bike just like it. We never did get close to building it ,but I did have a blast on his mini bike…

So here’s my Box Stock Pooper Chopper. I picked it up on eBay and had it built in a month, which is Great for me. Tom Daniel went out of his way with this pint-sized sidewalk super cycle. With its raked out front forks with big knobby tires, long sissy bar, high spider tank, custom padded seat & head rest.

Dig the chrome engine with cone-shaped exhaust pipe. Bullet tail light and fuel and brake lines. I painted it Model Master Turquoise Metallic thinking it would go with the kit decals, but after trying a small one on chrome it fogged up. I trimmed the tank decal to the edges but slipped and ruined it. So NO decals..

Thanks, Tom Daniel, for the Great Show Rod kits !!

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