Fire Cracker


Built by: Tim Nolan  in Edgewater, Florida

Source kit: Vintage Tom Daniel Firecracker

Paint: House of Kolors

This is a stock build of Tom Daniels Firecracker. This is one of those kits I just never got around to building, but the more build-ups of it I saw, the more I knew I wanted to do it! After I built my Paddy Wagon, I needed a fire truck to complement it. The trouble is, they are always red, so they all look the same. 

I decided to do something different with the paint, so I base-coated the whole thing with HOK basecoat white, and then did a fade job using Kandy Lime Yellow to Kandy Apple Red. The paint is eye-searing its so bright!! I drowned the whole thing in Kosmic Klear with just a hint of rainbow flake to finish it off. Even the rims are faded! I used the kit decals, which worked like a charm, even after 30 years of storage.

Everything else that required any paint was done with Model Masters rattle cans and bottles. The only thing I did change was the clear light lenses to some red ones from the parts box. This build went together smooth as glass, and I would highly recommend it as a fun build to try!


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