Dragon Wagon


Built by: Mike L. Scott 

here is a slightly detailed but straight build of a Tom Daniels kit. I bought and built this back in the mid 80's .The built kit was a glue bomb and took a bit to disassemble and clean up ,but for the most part it was a good candidate to restore.

I wanted this to be my ultimate Dragon wagon ,it was a favorite of mine as a kid . the body was painted as close to the box illustration as I could get .

I foiled most of the carved details on the cage with mylar and gold wrappers from easter candy .all the latches on the cage doors, bands on the bucket, floor board steps are chrome foil .I added a small gold chain for the rear steps

The exhaust is flat white with Grey accents .I painted the dragon gold and then went over that with a transparent green.

This is my favorite of the Tom Daniels kits. To me the imagination that went into this kit has yet to be surpassed.


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