Built by: Rob Riley / Indianapolis, In.

This is my Badman 2 die cast 55 Chevy. I built it pretty much right out of the box, with the exception of 3 changes. The first thing i changes was those 409 valve covers. We all know that the Badman is supposed to have a 396 big block Chevy in it...not a 409. So I replaced the 409 valve covers with a set of regular big block ones. The second change i made was to the front suspension. The die cast kit relies on the stock suspension in the front and it sits too low in my opinion. I added a nice chrome straight axle with chrome leaf springs to the front to make it look more like the original Badman. Finally, the third change I did was re-arch the rear leaf springs because the slicks were rubbing on the fender wells. This jacked the rear up slightly, to give it a better stance. I painted the engine bright yellow, trans. and oil pan silver. I detailed the blower sides, and in between the fins of the valve covers with the same yellow paint that i used on the engine (leaving the chrome fins exposed). I painted the headers and dump pipes flat white, and left everything else kit stock (un-painted). there are 2 minor problems with this kit since it is the re-popped graffiti 55.

1. The ladder bars in the rear just about drag on the ground.

2. The hood does not close all the way due to the small molded in hood scoop, and the big injector hat on the engine. The injector hat hits the inside of the hood.

This is still a cool kit, and it has the most awesome set of slicks and mag wheels.

I can still picture the original t.d. box art, showing the Badman blasting off the line, pulling away from a purple 55 Chevy. the grin on the drivers face is priceless, and the "adios mother" on the trunk seals the deal.


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