Bad News

Built by: Don Culley 

This street fighter was another ebay "gem" .This has always been my favorite model, so I  jumped when this model showed up. As it turned out, I needed two other street fighters to complete it.  It was a sloppy build, but most of the parts came apart ok.  


The  glue dimples on the body were filled with squadron putty, and the rear bumper seams were filled in as I couldn't remove the bumper from the body. The wheels and floor mounts for the suspension had to be cleaned up  with my dremel. 


The body is painted a krylon enamel orange, which was the closest color to the box art, and polished. The windshield, and rear trim was done with Bare Metal Foil . The interior was done in silver ,the steering wheel rim was painted  Tamiya clear red over the chrome to give it that 70's look. I repainted the engine block in gold because that was the color the original builder painted it. 


The decals are from The Decal Digs


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