Mutha Fokker


Built by: Dave McGowan in Ventura, California

This 1928 BMW Dixie Altered class drag/show rod is a little different take on the Red Baron theme. "Big" Baron Von Richtoften pilots his tire-frying ride down the drag strip and into the nearest car show. 

His "Flying Circus" paint scheme was done in Tamiya Bright Red and Pure White with inkjet printed logos, stripes and some TD-sourced sponsor decals. The blown 392 Hemi and WWI dogfighter-style fabric wings help keep rivals on his, "six." Iron cross gussets were attached to the hairpin radius rods under the front fenders, where they share space with chrome zoomie headers.

On the strip or at the shows, the Baron's "Mutha Fokker" is ready to take them all down.



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