Li'l Brothel

Built by: Bill Martens, Florida 

Feast your eyes on the "Li'l Brothel". I figured a way to make a Fast Buck with my Show Rod.


I started out with Tom Daniel’s armored car Show Rod. I opened the doors and side windows so the driver can see anyone waving it down and in case we run into any deadbeats I added a shotgun in the cab. 


It's painted Gloss White with a faded Pink two-tone. I had to open the wheel wells to fit these cool big rims under it. I used the kit's motor, painted it Yellow and added these Tall stacks from the Boot Hill then crossed them into a Triple X, well Quadruple X.


I used the dollar sign grille and shifter thinking it would fit the theme. The two high-power spotlights (so we can spot a john a mile away) are from the Pie Wagon.


Up on the roof I cut out a Ball of Fire to let in the moonlight. You can see today’s Showgirl’s high heels in the opening. I covered the opening with a framed oversized panel of glass. 


The Mega phone will play a catchy tune so you guys will hear us coming kind of like the tune the Mr. Softee truck plays. But they’ll be no softees here. LOL..


Let's go around back and take a look at the DDouble DDiamond plate heart door ( done in foil.) with an 8-Ball hinge. 


I padded the door with Black foam. Let's open the door to see today’s showgirl, Kandy. Oh look she’s happy to see you. I padded the back wall with Black foam too and added Girls Gone Wild posters and a First Aid box just in case.


Also a briefcase of money on the Super Van bed. Black foam on the bottom of the bed and speakers. 


I put a striptease pole on the back in case Kandy wants to or needs to dance, and I added a street lamp (from a paddy wagon.) so she’ll feel right at home..


Hey I’m just having fun playin’ with my Plastic.  LOL

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