Trick Track Trike (kitbash)

Built by:
Pontiac Jack
in Australia

This little beastie is almost completely scratch built. There are not too many kit parts involved. The details are:

  • BODY: Stinger Dragster narrowed 10 scale inches sectioned 4 scale inches new floor and firewall scratch built.
  • CHASSIS: Scratch built from Evergreen 2x3 rect. tubing.
  • FORKS: Piano wire, ball point pen springs, and various plastic and aluminum tubes and strips. Head light is a combination of scratch built and parts box driving light, windscreen -plastic sheet.
  • WHEELS AND TIRES: (front) 0.50 cent toy motorcycle (rear)-tires-Paddy Wagon, wheels-parts box.
  • REAR AXLE: Center-AMT Willys, axle tubes, ladder bars scratch built.
  • FUEL TANK: Scratch built, cap-parts box.
  • INTERIOR: Stinger Dragster narrowed 10 scale inches. New seat base from plastic and putty. Pedals-Stinger Dragster. Sissy bar-parts box. Headrest and tail light scratch built.
  • ENGINE: Gypsy Dune Buggy Corvair 6 with scratch built headers, distributor and intake manifolds, carbs-AMT '40 Ford.
  • PAINT: Dupli-color Buttercup Yellow and Purple, Testors metalizers.


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