Infini-T (kitbash)

Built by:
Ira Dahm
in Cotati, California

I built the Infini-T in the early 1970s. After finishing this model, it was packed up and stored until June 2001. This is this first public showing of the Infini-T!

The Infini-T is based on the MPC Fire Truck, with the Corvair engine and front end from Revel's Moon Mixer. The Fire Truck body was glued together and then a rectangular section in the rear was cut out (to make room for the engine and transmission) and reshaped with sheet plastic.

The rear end was then closed off with a section of sheet plastic, with an oval shaped window. I think the taillights are actually head lights from Monogram's Cherry Bomb. The windshield posts were made from "L" angle plastic stock.

Texture was added to the interior with body putty, to give it a carpeted look. Rhinestones were used for headlights and wheel centers. The Infini T body was finished in variegated gold leaf and clear coated.

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