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Dave's 1973 GTO Odyssey
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When I take something on, I go all the way. So when my mid-life crisis peaked this year (my 43rd), I chose not to run from it, but to fully embrace it. I bought a 1973 Pontiac GTO and drove it from California back home to Memphis, Tennessee.

Along this 2,568-mile odyssey, I drove 42 hours, burned up 183 gallons of premium fuel, saw fantastic vintage cars at the National Automobile Museum, had one big breakdown, killed three prime Angus cattle, burned one wrecker completely to the ground, and buried the needle at 120 mph. I also saw some of the most beautiful scenery in America as I drove through California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. It was an absolute blast and chronicled here in 73 pages.

If you have a your own muscle car story to relate, or just want to chat about what a great car the GTO was, tell me about it at:
73 facts about 1973
I was in 8th grade at St. Aloysius Catholic grade school when this cool car was produced. In this section, I'll recall 73 events and facts that helped define 1973.

73 GTO Odyssey Music
Spirit In The Sky....Norman Greenbaum

Listen to music clips from many classic rock songs I played on my portable CD player during this trip. (Requires Macromedia Flash 5)

73 facts about the GTO
Here's where you'll learn 73 truly interesting and fun facts about the original muscle car--the Pontiac GTO!
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