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My Only Muscle Car Experience
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In 1975, I was a junior in high school. My older brother, Mark, had just graduated from high school and was working two different jobs. Having owned a 1968 Charger (but with only a 318), Mark decided to get another really hot car--but one with more muscle. Dad always liked a hot car, so he helped Mark pick it out and negotiate the deal. They found it in the Milwaukee Journal classified section.

It was a 1973 Pontiac GTO! I liked cars back then, but was not really into them much because I was way into the 'jock' thing with football and basketball. Since I was only 15 months younger than Mark, we were practically raised as twins. Naturally, I thought our shared childhood should continue for the use of his GTO during my high school driving years.

To the left: Future 73 GTO owners Mark and me on the first day of school in 1967. As you can see, mom dressed us the same, the only difference being colors. I'm on the right.

73 facts about 1973
The 1972 Miami Dolphins completed an undefeated season (17-0) by defeating the Washington Redskins in the 1973 Super Bowl, 14-7. That team included QB Bob Griese, RB Larry Csonka, LB Nick Buonticonti, and DB Jake Scott.

73 GTO Odyssey Music
Aquarius....The Fifth Dimension
73 facts about the GTO
What does "GTO" mean anyway? GTO is an acronym for "Gran Turismo Omologato." It's Italian for "Homologated Grand Touring." It sorta means this hot car has been "FIA certified" with special parts being made available to the public. Pontiac stole the name from Ferrari who had the "original" GTO name for its own car. This angered Ferrari and others in the automotive community.
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