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Hot Ambulance Van

  • Original year: 1976
  • Company: Monogram
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Designer: Tom Daniel

Take a sleek, built-for-speed van with a clear-bubble canopy over the super-custom driver's compartment, massive 429 blown Ford "Boss" engine, mag wheels and Goodyear street slicks...add styling that would make any Paramedic proud and you've got the the Vanbulance! It's gotta be the fastest emergency vehicle on the road with its siren and warning flasher on top. rear and side foot on this model open and close. The shape, color, and decal markings are typical of ambulance vans, right down to the "mirror image" lettering on the front.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

Clear a path I'm going to the hospital in a hurry! A knockoff of the Tom Daniel original Vandal, first done in 1972. Nice touch to put the "Vanbulance" front decal in "reverse" in case you're looking at the finished kit while standing in front of a mirror ;) This original kit is still sealed.



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