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Uncertain T
Famous Award Winning Show Car

  • Original year: 1966
  • Company: Monogram
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Designer: Steve Scott

Steve Scotts Uncertain-T started like as a cartoon drawn by a school chum of his. The cartoon was a wild characterization. of a Model T. When considering this cartoon as a basis for a real machine it was deemed impossible by all of Steve's friends. So Steve started on it as a challenge to show his friends it could be built. It turned out to be more of a challenge than Steve imagined, not only to his friends, but to his experience as a college Physics major and his imagination as well.

The car made its show circuit debut at the '65 Winternationals N.H.R.A. Custom Auto Fair, and won Special Sweepstakes Award and prove itself worth the effort. Since that time it has won at every show entered, including the '65 Oakland Roadster Show, the Seattle Custom Auto Show, and many others. The big one came however at Indianapolis at the N.H.R.A. National Custom Auto Fair where it was the Grand Sweepstakes winner in the rod class.

The Uncertain T took three years of Steve's time and effort and 15,000 dollars to build. The paint job alone, which has more than a dozen hand-rubbed coats, cost over 600 dollars. The hardest part according to Steve was the making of a one-piece fiberglas body. The chassis was constructed from 2"x3" rectangular aluminum tubing. The engine is built around a 57 Buick block with '63 Buick heads. The finished engine with all the goodies shows good cross breeding between show and go options. The transmission is a much reworked '55 Pontiac hydro. When the finishing touches were completed and professional paint and upholstery jobs were finished, only the radiator shell, headlights, and steering wheel were original Model T parts. The windup key at the rear doubles as a functional push bar and bumper.

Click image above to see a close-up

Steve Scott spent $15,000 to build the Uncertain T. So what you say? Look at this CPI calculator. It shows that $5,000 in 1965 is worth over $26,000 in today's buying power. If Steve Scott built this rod in 2000, it would have cost him about $80,000.

Dave's comments:

One of the most unique rods in the Show Rod Rally and a highly sought-after kit. The way that cab tilts forward is incredible! And nothing turns me on like a '60s babe in a bouffant hairdo! Now this kit comes with a display stand with a gold rope and a babe figure to showcase the car. But she has that '60s "flip" Marlow Thomas hairstyle. It's OK, but I prefer the Bouffant style of the chick on the box art.



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