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Street Fighter
A Super Sanitary Z/28 Powered Snarlin' Car Killer

  • Original year: 1970
  • Company: Monogram
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Designer: Tom Daniel

Here's one of Tom Daniel's newest creations - - a Super Sanitary (that means clean) Z/28 Camaro powered super-car killer. This glass-bodied sleeper patterned after a '60 Chev panel truck looks like a clean semi-custom...until the go pedal is punched - - then it's look out! This is the lil 'ol fun machine that loves to catch street Hemi's, GTO's, Roadrunners an' all the rest of the "muscle" cars at a light...and then BANGO! Blow their doors off like instantly! The blueprinted Z/28 engine features dual carbs, chrome rocker covers and air cleaners. The trick chassis is all new and lightweight with wild traction bars, coil shocks, straight tube front axle and custom mag wheels. Yep, it's all here in one beautifully disguised street machine that's lookin' for trouble. Street Fighter's the name and car killin's its game - - and usually there's no contest.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

Part of a tuff series that includes the Bad Actor and the Quicksilver. This is the first of the series, Came out again in 1999 as the Street Fighter II with different box art. I like that "Snarlin' Car Killer" tag!



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