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Classic T-bucket Street Roadster

  • Original year: 1972
  • Company: Revell
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Designer: ????

Born: 1923. The Mob was proud. Henry Ford's Model "T" was a good dependable car. Legit. Graduated: 1939. The "Kid" rescued it from the Wrecking Yard and "Souped it Up". He added a 1932 Ford modified frame. Still running the "iron hearse" Ford Flathead. Married: 1955. World's first Hot Rodder wedded the T-Bucket to a stormin' Chevy v-8 mill, with an "Isky" cam. Started movin' in on sweepstakes trophies at car shows. The RODFATHER: 1973. The Father Of All Roadsters is takin' you for a ride on Goodyear "Steamroller" slicks. Join the Rodfather's Family. It's an offer you can't refuse.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

Revell didn't do a lot in the golden age of show rods, but this one is pretty decent. I dig those super-fat steamroller slicks! This original kit is still sealed.



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